1.  Cast down vain imaginations and false ideals that would dare to try and exalt themselves against God our Father. This includes pop-culture theology, and the current flavors-of-the-moment feelgood theologies of liars and frauds.

2.  Seek our Father, run to our King, embrace His Holy Spirit, and do not try to replace an ongoing and personal and covenantal relationship with Him with your doctrines and theology.

3.  Cease in believing that our Father has a scorecard, or a tally that He keeps based on your actions and efforts. He has neither asked, nor told, any of you to “do things for God”, as though your efforts are pivotal to The Big Picture that is His Will. There is nothing He cannot do for Himself, so reject the notion that He needs you to advance His Kingdom. Simply be the you that He wants you to be, and He will handle the rest.

4.  Love The Godhead, love your neighbors, and preach The Gospel in words and in actions. This is The Will of our Father for every single one of us in Christ.

5.  Invite The World into your very lives, not to your churches. Salvation, at it’s core, is relational and generational. The World needs to see this, first and foremost.

6.  Stop quenching my Father’s Spirit due to your levels of theological comfort. The Spirit has an ongoing ministry this side of Heaven. Stop denying Him because you believe He is either “spooky” or “of the devil”. Stop. Our Father is not pleased with that.

7.  Politics, finances, the sins of the world, the machinations of the enemy, and all worldly/temporal anxieties that would hold you hostage need to be cast down, once and for all, as elements of life this side of Heaven that would seek to take your eyes off of The Kingdom. Enough is enough. Our Father is not interested in the governments of mere men; He is interested in the hearts and souls of men. Change the heart of a man, and you change the whole of the man. Be likewise. Arguments only bring stench and decay. Simply present The Truth, and The Truth will defend itself.

8.  Above all things, cling to our Father. Trust in Him. Believe Him. Listen to Him. He is faithful and true. He is more than a bumper sticker, a refrigerator magnet, or a bracelet. He is The LORD, and apart from Him, there is none. He is your Father. Father. Not merely God. Father. This covers every single aspect of His character.

I love you, my family in Christ. Miles and miles might separate us, secrecy might keep us apart, but our Father’s Spirit unites us as family. And at the end of the day, that is enough.


Speak Freely (even if you disagree with me!)

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